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Silicone Rings

These rubber rings are durable, non-toxic, non-conductive and designed to be flexible and breakaway under extreme pressure. They can help save your finger or life. Rubber wedding bands are the newest jewelry craze and minimalist fashion statement. Each design will come in a free gift box.

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Rubber Wedding Bands

These silicone rings are great as an everyday casual and modern jewelry piece. Designed for individuals that require a hypoallergenic, breakaway, non-metal material jewelry at the workplace. Jobs that may require silicone wedding bands are machinists, mechanics, doctors, nurses, construction-workers, police-officers, electricians, firefighters, and military personnel. Rubber rings and silicone wedding bands are comfortable and safe to wear for those with an active lifestyle such as athletes, gymnasts, sports enthusiasts, rock climbers, etc. Easy to clean, maintenance-free and longlasting. They can easily work as an 8th Anniversary gift.