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Womens and Mens Ring Sizes

The ring sizes for women and mens ring sizes are the same. Clothes and shoe measurements are not the same on men and women, most individuals think that there is a difference in band sizes too. Bands are sized by a constant measurement of the inner diameter male or female. A mens band size 9 measures that same as a band size 9 for women.

Ring Sizes for Women

Please note: On the wider the bands, a larger size ring maybe required. The inner diameter might be the same but wider bands will feel tighter due to the amount of metal in contact with your finger and as it passes over your knuckle. If you wear a size 7 in a thin 1.5mm wide band, a size 7 in a wider 8mm band may feel tight even knowing both rings are a size 7. We recommend sizing a half size or full size larger if you are transferring from thinner bands to a wider bands. We have an easy size exchange process.