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These firebird rings are a great addition to any Trans Am jewelry collection. Phoenix jewelry is rare and hard to find, these firebird rings are made from tungsten carbide with carbon fiber inlays. These limited edition firebird rings can be worn as a casual band or as tungsten wedding bands. Now available in size 5-17.

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Gold Phoenix Red Carbon Fiber Silver Tungsten Firebird Ring Gold Phoenix Red Carbon Fiber Silver Tungsten Firebird Ring
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Phoenix Jewelry for Tungsten Wedding Bands

The legend of the firebird or phoenix is a unique and beautiful bird that lived six centuries in the desert then burned itself on a funeral pyre and then raised from the ashes to live another life. The firebird phoenix is a symbol of rebirth from the ashes of the past, renewed life and spirit. This inspired phoenix jewelry design is made from the hardest metal to scratch (silver bands only). These tungsten rings are perfect as tungsten wedding bands and should never turn your skin green or black by causing an allergic reaction that some individuals experience with silver, gold and base metal jewelry. These Trans am tungsten rings designs are hypoallergenic and safe to wear for individuals with sensitive skin.

Replace your old worn out traditional gold and silver rings or wedding bands with new tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands. These Trans Am inspired tungsten rings make a great gift for any Trans Am enthusiasts.