Tungsten Dragon Rings as Celtic and Viking Symbols

The dragon is a powerful symbol around the world with many significant meanings. Our tungsten dragon rings embrace the Celtic and Nordic Viking cultures with a stunning infinity knot inlay or ouroboros with carbon fiber backgrounds. The rings are perfect for both men and women or as a matching wedding band set.

A dragon is also a spiritual symbol of both the Nordic Viking and Celtic cultures. One of the Vikings' beliefs was that a carved dragon head on the stem of a Viking ship would protect both the ship and the crew from evil spirits. A perfect design to wear for the guardian of friends or family.

In Celtic tradition, the dragon was the keeper to secret worlds and a guardian to the universe's treasures. Dragons are considered the most important of all the Celtic symbols. They represent power and wisdom when used on a family coat of arms and among modern and ancient leaders. A tungsten dragon ring is an excellent design for strength, leadership, and authority.

The Ouroboros: In many cultures, the ouroboros is a traditional dragon infinity symbol for eternity and rebirth. When combined with a tungsten ring's infinite circle, it is a potent spiritual symbol for eternal love, perfect for wedding bands.


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